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Know about Interview Preparation

A planned interaction in which one party asks questions and the other responds is known as an interview. A one-on-one chat between an interviewer and an interviewee is referred to as an "interview" in everyday speech. Additionally, information can be passed back and forth during an interview.

Why Interview Preparation?

Make sure you are completely prepared for the interview in order to increase your chances of getting hired or having your visa approved. You'll feel a lot more in control if you plan.

By preparation, you'll know what questions to expect during the interview, having learned a lot about the company or country, and feel cool, calm, and collected. Better outcomes follow as a result of this.


In recent times, there are various types of interviews which can be conducted in different ways.

The different modes of conducting interview are as follows:

  1. Telephonic Interview
  2. Face-to-face Interview
  3. Video Interview

Interviews are also of different kinds, such as:

  1. Panel interview
  2. Structured interview
  3. Unstructured interview
  4. Stress interview
  5. Case interview
  6. Off-site interview

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