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Opayl English

Know about Opayl English

Opayl English is a course designed specially to cater the needs of non-native English language users. The courses are prepared keeping in mind the difficulties faced by new and young learners.

Why Opayl English

Opayl English helps you learn English quickly. Our course, which covers everything from English pronunciation and grammar to English expressions, will help you develop past the fundamentals and achieve fluency in English, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced learner.


Opayl English includes different programs keeping in mind the distinct learning habits of various

  1. Opayl English for Juniors:
  2. Suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years and focuses on laying a strong foundation of writing and speaking skills along with polishing cognitive skills like thinking, brainstorming.

  3. Opayl English for Teens:
  4. The next level English Learning course designed for young learners. Improve your writing and speaking skills with this program.

  5. Opayl English Foundation:
  6. English Courses designed for students of classes 10 to 12. Helps preparing for competitive exams and improves career prospects.

  7. Opayl Vocabulary Booster:
  8. Opayl Vocab Booster is exclusively designed for vocabulary improvement. Learn idioms, new words for using in verbal and written communications.

  9. Opayl Grammar Booster:
  10. Enroll in this course to know how to use English grammar correctly and confidently. Learn through interesting activities and lessons.

  11. Opayl Communication Skills:
  12. Speak English naturally and fluently, overcome all hesitations and fears of communicating in English and speak like a pro!

  13. Opayl Personality Development:
  14. The core precepts of this programme include presentation skills, general etiquette, clothing code, body language, and use of pertinent vocabulary in various contexts.

  15. Business English:
  16. Learn to use English professionally and take your career to greater heights.

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